About us
Company Profile
Experienced and well-qualified individuals to offer best and optimal solutions in the following fields promote P2B Ace Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    Personnel and Administrative Management Solution
    Embedded System Hardware and Software Solutions
The company is incorporated under the Government of India Company Act 1956.
The company motto speaks about the spirit behind the working of the company and its associates.
" Set No Limits "
     The company strongly believes that we individuals set consciously and / or unconsciously limits to our physical and mental capabilities. We tend to work
within our accepted limits. But most of us, who are ordinary people with ordinary abilities both physical and mental, succeed only because they stretch
themselves beyond normal limits. Hence we do not want to set any limits when we undertake any task or assignment. May be it is software solutions or
telecommunication networks or management consultancy.
Our Vision
To offer solutions which will make a difference to the way our customers carry out their business. The solutions will help them to increase their efficiency
and productivity resulting into more profits
Our Mission
    Focus on Customer Objective and provide customer satisfaction
    Provide quality and innovative solutions
    Emerge as leading solutions company in Information and telecommunications field.
With above mission and vision, the company is set up to offer solutions to meet user needs. The company has over 50 man-years of diverse experience behind